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The only thing that matters in this life is for you to cherish each moment lived. These moments may never be recreated, but they most certainly can be captured. Your story deserves to be told in a way that emulates exactly who you are.

Imagine yourself five, ten, even twenty years from now looking back on high quality media and recalling the amazing memories surrounding your special occasion. At Lemons Creek Photography, we want to capture your growth, love, and accomplishments in a way that authentically represents you. We have solidified a family-friendly price structure to ensure our clients can capture any moment worth treasuring; from newborns to weddings, we have you covered.

- Joe & Shanell Lemons

Proudly Servicing Northwest Wisconsin

Rice Lake & Surrounding Area


Allow Us to Capture Your Life's
Most Precious Moments

Services Offered Include: Single Sessions, Couple's Sessions, Family Sessions, Wedding & Engagement Bundles, Event Services, Newborn Sessions, Real Estate Media Cultivation, Videography & Website Design

Joe Lemons

About Us


Lemons Creek Photography, LLC was founded by husband-wife duo, Joe and Shanell Lemons. The couple met while frisbee golfing at Reeve Park in 2016. With poor aim, Shanell got her frisbee stuck in a tree and superhero Joe came to her rescue. Raising their four children and owning/operating three businesses, this power couple continues to traverse the crazy world together. 

Both grew up enjoying recreational photography with their parents’ cameras and decided to purchase their very own for family use in December of 2018. After a while, they began taking photos upon request from family, then friends, then their friend’s families, and then their family’s friends, and so on. In August of 2020, Joe and Shanell were encouraged to make photography a side-business by their family...

Shanell Lemons

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