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Joe Lemons

About Us

When Life Hands You Lemons

Lemons Creek Photography, LLC was founded by husband-wife duo, Joe and Shanell Lemons. Both grew up enjoying recreational photography with their parents’ cameras and decided to purchase their very own for family use in December of 2018. After a while, they began taking photos upon request from family, then friends, then their friend’s families, and then their family’s friends, and so on. In August of 2020, Joe and Shanell were encouraged to make photography a side-business by their family, so they did.

We're a family of six, so you can trust us when we say that we understand the importance of capturing life's precious moments, however, we also understand that the average family cannot afford outrageous prices for good quality photos of their loved ones or for special occasions. During the creation of Lemons Creek Photography, LLC, we solidified reasonable pricing through a unique à la carte structure to ensure that anyone can obtain high quality mementos, no matter the occasion.

- Joe & Shanell Lemons 

Joe thoroughly enjoys movement photography. Throw him in the middle of the action and he will get a perfect shot. "Capturing movement is surreal. You’re freezing a moment in time that will never be recreated, and I love getting to capture that and present it to our clients." Movement, landscapes, pets, and architecture are his specialty.

Shanell enjoys capturing weddings more than any other service provided. "My passions lies with capturing one of the most memorable moments of a person's life. The love and laughter found at weddings is beyond magical and putting that into a timeless image for our clients is truly rewarding." 


Capturing those moments of pure happiness and joy for families during wedding events truly possesses its own magic. It brings LCP the utmost pleasure to participate in one of the biggest days of people's lives. Joe & Shanell often find themselves mistaken for family members at such events due to how helpful, courteous and respectful they are to all attendees. They pride themselves on turning over stunning works of art that families can share for a lifetime.

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